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  • HI, I’m Paula and I kiss my dogs on the lips!

    Our dogs are loved members of our family (as I am sure your pets are too!) and these relationships are just as important to document. My goal is to capture the personality of your pet in their natural settings or where they feel most comfortable.

    We are located in the Portland, Or/SW Washington area and available for travel. If you would like to see more of our work, please click on the portfolio link above, or you can just click here to visit the website.

Harry Winston | First Birthday

Remember this guy?

Well he turned one a couple of weekends ago and his parents threw him a party to suit his namesake! It was held at the Garden Vineyards in Hillsboro, OR – gorgeous setting and perfect for a canine get together.

Party was complete with four legged and two legged friends in attendance…

What vineyard wouldn’t be complete without a dog? This is Mon Ami she is only eight months old!

And complete with yummy cupcakes…

Happy Birthday Harry!


LuLu | i want her life

Lulu is as calm as she looks in the photographs – and ever so attentive to her people Cherri and Vince. I met Cherri through the local quilt guild and when I learned that she had a quilt studio and a miniature Schnauzer, the wheels started spinning.


Mr. Harry Winston

Four month old Harry Winston came to visit me in the studio and was the perfect Cavalier. He is very much all puppy [with sharp teeth included] but well on his way to having Marita and Ryan trained! I am looking forward to photographing him outside when the weather is better…


Greta & Heidi

Greta [Black & Tan] & Heidi [red] – perfect German names for the German breed. And how many of us [that own Dachshunds] can relate to some of these very photos I captured of them? On the back belly rub, always by your feet, I am starving, look how cute I can be… these two were no exceptions to the breed. In fact without going into any detail Heidi showed me when we went to the field, that she hadn’t lost her canine instinct either! 😉


Jeffrey | Adorable and Fluffy

I was so excited that Jeffrey could come to the house and do some outside ‘studio’ shots. The weather was perfect and we found out that he was string cheese crazy! Jeffrey also let daughter and dad get into the action…


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