How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Room

How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Room

In fact, the range is so good that my cats stay out of the next nearest room also.. cords to keep (two of three) cats out of the dining room and the living room.

Guaranteeing 100% absense means either physically blocking the room or. I tried for almost a year to keep my cats off the counter before I found this solution.

My cat keeps thinking that my aquarium room is an appropriate place to pee. I’ve cleaned it up and put stuff on it so that it isn’t supposed to .

Scott has some good points. For my cats, I don’t shoo them out of a room. I leave the room and hyper-actively call them while tapping on something.. How can I keep my roomate’s cat out of my room, humanely? What is the best way to keep a  .

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