how to train a chihuahua to get along with other dogs

how to train a chihuahua to get along with other dogs

If your Chihuahua is at all apprehensive about this meeting, give him a treat and walk away with your pup. Keep trying to introduce your Chihuahua to other dogs or the same dog on neutral ground with treats until he allows their interactions to be closer. Each time they meet, try to get them closer and closer.

Walk your Chi over to the dog and try again. Whenever your dog is calm and behaving well with the other dog, give both of them a treat. Do not just give one dog a treat, as this may trigger a negative response in the dog that is being ignored. If the dogs are getting along well, try to not get involved.

How to train your dog to get along with others.. One big mistake people make when introducing dogs from different packs or bringing in new dogs is by just .

Dog Training. Careful introduction ensures your new Chihuahua gets along with your other dogs.. While this makes her a fun companion, you need to introduce her carefully to the rest of your pack if you want them all to get along well.

You are here: Home / Chi Training / Chihuahua Behavior / How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Chihuahua. Chihuahuas and other pets. Veterinary behaviorists note that dogs of the opposite sex tend to get along the best, followed by two .

If, like Wurley, your dog is reactive to other dogs, you are far from alone. Tense encounters between dogs are not unusual, as dogs that don’t get along with other .

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