yorkshire terriers temperament

yorkshire terriers temperament

Yorkshire Terriers: the most honest dog breed review you’ll ever find about Yorkshire Terrier temperament, personality, and behavior.

Let’s discuss general known temperament traits and what shapes the personality of this dog breed. Yorkshire Terrier Temperament in General.. The first 3 months of a Yorkie’s life greatly influences the dog’s personality, temperament and behavior.

The dog breed is known for its competitive spirit, passionate behavior, and penchant for self-reliance. Yorkies do not easily exhibit soft submissive temperament, a characteristic feature in many lap dog breeds. This makes Yorkshire Terrier not the best choice for families with young children.

Bold and confident, the Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds highly valued for its independent nature in a small package. There are two types .

Although a small, pretty looking dog, the Yorkshire Terrier has many qualities that are. The Yorkie has a bold personality and seems unaware of its small size.. Yorkshire Terriers are very intelligent, but they can also be a little stubborn.

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